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What Must Not be Done when Outsourcing for SAP Consultants

What Must Not be Done when Outsourcing for SAP Consultants
Most companies will just outsource to other workers if they have sudden important projects and the skills, they need are not available in-house. Like for example when it comes to SAP operations, these kind of project needs expertise like SAP consultants and outsourcing them is now the trend. In fact, you can try checking out Sap Support Services Malaysia as they are known to be the best when it comes to SAP services.
When outsourcing though, you have to be cautious so you will really get the kinds of partners you have in mind. And to avoid possible mistakes, you must not do the following:

* Not establishing clear expectations at the onset of the task
You have now found the right SAP consultant to hire and you are ready to get started! You’re super excited and so you jump right into onboarding and testing them in the role.
A week goes by and you are confident that they can perform the task on their own. You meet with the new consultant one more time and talk with your prospect without really going through the details. The partner just assume you understand, and you assume he understands and end your interview with that.
That is really wrong. There is SAP BW/4HANA Partner Malaysia is understood between the two of you. You have to be clear right from the start so that the hired partner will also know what you want in details.
* Failing to onboard your new partner in detail
Proper onboarding is one of the most important aspects of scaling regardless of whether the partner is in your office or remote. A strong and organized onboarding process can bring the new person up to speed and give them the tools to make a quick and lasting impact on the business. It’s even more important to have a fluent onboarding system for the new member because of the barrier of communication on the Internet. They must properly know why you are hiring them and you must orient them with all the things they need to be oriented with before you leave them on their own.
* Not listening to their ideas and not asking for feedbacks
Remember that you need the new team, and this is why, you even spend some time in looking for them. This also means that you can’t do the task they can or else, you won’t be looking for them in the first place. That said, you also need to value their ideas and hear their feedbacks. Who knows if they can suggest a better way to get what you want done better and faster at that!
The internet is already impregnated with different SAP consultants and if you check their websites, you will see that they are almost perfectly made with great and colorful backgrounds. However, we all know as well that some of them can be just made up. This is why you really have to be careful in choosing a partner or partners rather.